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I'm Sarah Eliz, the creator and artist behind Plantful. I'm a crystal and plant-loving, spirituality and wellness-enthused gal living in San Francisco, CA. I created Plantful with the intention to share and connect with others about journaling and my journey to intentional living. 

I discovered bullet journaling in early 2015 while in my second year of college. It helped me in so many ways, from getting my grades up, to organizing the rest of my life, to giving me a creative outlet that I'd been missing for so long. 

It's usually a surprise to people when I tell them that I never did art before I started bullet journaling. I did a bit of graphic and web design growing up, but I hadn't done any drawing since I was a little kid. As a kid, I remember drawing plants all over my journals, and these were naturally what I started drawing on my bullet journal spreads. Bullet journaling gave me a way to reconnect with the inner child and creativity within me. 

I'd say starting a bullet journal was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Another was the decision to go vegan. Later that year, I discovered the vegan YouTube community, and after watching their videos for a few weeks, I decided to give veganism a try. Pretty much overnight, I cut out all animal products from my diet - and from then on I've never gone back. I felt so good in my health, in the impact I was making, and the fact that I gained a passion for something much bigger than myself. Going vegan caused a positive snowball effect in my life, I was curious what others ways I could feel even better and cause even more impact. I read the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and that began my spiritual journey, leading me to begin meditating and start doing yoga. 

I started feeling a complete shift in my being. Where I was once negative, anxious, full of doubt and cynicism, and had a generally pessimistic view of life, I now felt full of love, gratitude, and optimism. I went from being someone who hated positivity and viewed it all as being "forced" to someone who was genuinely positive and felt amazing. 

Fast forward to today: I'm now living out what I feel is my calling through Plantful and working for a meditation organization. I hope to use this platform to show you how bullet journaling and the wellness practices that shaped me into who I am today can positively impact your entire life.

Thank you for being here!