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In July 2018, the Plantful shop started on Etsy with a single sticker sheet. It was called "Plant Magic" and it was the product that started everything. I filled this sheet with drawings that bring me complete joy: tropical plants, pink and purple crystals, cacti, flowers, suns, moons, and stars. I received an immensely positive response from this first sticker sheet, which I honestly wasn't expecting. This gave me all the confirmation that I needed to know that this shop was something I was meant to be pursuing. 

Since then, the shop has grown to over 16 sticker sheets, along with washi tape, printables, and the guided Mindful Morning Journal, available on Amazon. Each product is inspired by the beauty of nature, the magic of the universe, and the joy and gratitude I feel for this creative outlet and getting to bring my art to life in this way.

If you or someone you love is into stationery, astrology, yoga, nature, personal growth, self-care, plants, spirituality, illustrations, or wellness, you'll be able to find a perfect item for you or your loved one in the shop.

Each item is crafted with love, drawn and packaged by hand, and made with sustainable, recyclable materials.


I believe bullet journaling is magical because it empowers us to create and plan our lives with only a pen, notebook, and our own creativity. We can make it anything we need, depending on whatever our life looks like at the time. 

Through Plantful, I hope to share my journey through bullet journaling, planning, creating art, and everything in between. I hope that my posts will inspire you to start (or continue) bullet journaling in your OWN way, making what works for YOU the priority.

So often we get swept into doing things for the sake of acceptance, doing what everyone else is doing, or trying to fit in. Your journal can be a place just for you. A place that fills you with good energy and joy because it's an act of self-care to bullet journal, whether it's your creative outlet, it helps you organize your life, or both. 

My bullet journal allows me to bring creativity into my everyday life, to slow down and be mindful, and help me keep track of all the different projects I'm working on. Spirituality, personal development, and wellness are also huge parts of my life, and my journal is the perfect companion to document, hold myself accountable, process, learn, and grow into my highest self through these practices. I'll be sharing a lot about how I incorporate this into my journal, as well.



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Hi there! My name's Sarah and I'm the creator and artist behind Plantful. I'm a crystal and plant-loving, spirituality and wellness-enthused gal living in San Francisco, CA.